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As a full-time personal trainer, I have experience in just about every angle related to fitness, health and nutrition.


The following list outlines my specialites. Of course, the list is not complete. If you have questions or concerns about different aspects of fitness, email me at


Personal Training


Losing weight, putting on muscle, toning up, having more energy all come with a good exercise program and better eating habits.


I have helped hundreds of people get in shape over the last 15 years. Along with our training sessions, I help build you an exercise routine you can follow and revamp your diet for maximum results.


I use an app called Trainerize to keep track of progress and assign home exercises.


Post-Rehab Training


If you have an old nagging injury, an inflamed muscle or have recently completed physiotherapy for a joint replacament, tendonitis or other musculo-skeletal issue, I can help you restore your body to full movement.


As a post-rehab training specialist, I'm familiar with injuries and medical conditions of all types, including tennis/golfer's elbow, sacro-iliac pain, rotator cuff injuries, ankle issues and many others.


Postural Restoration


Tired, achy shoulders and back muscles? Constant tension headaches? Trouble sleeping? It could all be due to postural changes brought on by our sedentary, Western lifestyles, and constant screen-time.


Let me show you how you can counter-act the negative effects of sitting all day by performing 10 minutes of simple exercise every day.


Athletic Training


Whether you're a golfer looking for another 30 yards on your drive or a teenage athlete trying to get better at your sport, I can help you improve your performance in your chosen field.


The key is specific training for your activity, and it starts with a good assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Careful program design and regular adjustments on a weekly basis ensure maximum results.


Back Pain Relief


As a long-time back pain sufferer, I have personal experience with how aggravating this condition can be.


Over the years I have spent countless hours figuring out how to solve this long-term quandary, and my experience can help you make the same improvements I have achieved. The key is slow, steady progression while avoiding flare-ups. 


Corporate Fitness


Looking for a fitness trainer for your company to help get everyone in shape and improve overall wellbeing? 

I offer special deals to companies looking for group fitness or multiple private sessions.

Message me for details and to get a quote.

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