• Tom Toth

The One Secret to a Great Golf Swing

There’s a million golf-swing programs out there. Some work, some don’t, some work a little bit. The ones that make me shake my head the most are those big circular guides that are supposed to groove a better path for your shot. They may work for people who need minor tweaks to their game, but they ignore an important fact: unless you have the required range of motion in ALL your joints, you will not be able to maximize your swing!

A golfer needs a tremendous amount of mobility, specifically in the back, shoulders, and hips.

If these mobility needs are not met, it is very difficult to develop an efficient shot because there is not enough torque being produced to drive the ball. If movement is compromised and the body is still asked to maximize rotation, injuries to the rotator cuff, low back, and hips can frequently occur because of the extra stress put on the tissues.

Here’s an easy test to see if your torso rotation is adequate for golf: sit at the edge of your chair. Place your hands behind your head, and turn all the way to one side, then the other. If you can’t reach 90° on both sides, your rotation needs improving.

My specialty as a trainer is improving movement, and this includes golfers. I start with an assessment to develop a program specific to your needs, but usually focusing on the following three factors:

- Improve mid-back rotation range

- Improve hip rotation, specifically internal rotation of the femur

- Build a rock-solid rotator cuff to stabilize the shoulder

My goal is to add at least 30 yards to my clients’ drive without using gimmicks, just plain improved movement. If this sounds good to you, email me at to schedule a free consultation.

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