Looking For A Personal Trainer In mid-town Toronto?

My name is Tom Toth, and I'm a full-time personal trainer in Toronto with over 15 years of experience. I've gathered more than 30,000 hours of fitness experience with clients young to elderly.

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As a fitness trainer with 11 certifications, I specialize in helping people improve their movement, get stronger or bigger, and provide training programs and nutritional advice to ensure my clients get maximum results.

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I'm an in home personal trainer, so I'll come to you and bring all the fitness equipment we need.


Over the years Tom has been a great help to me. Guiding me through training and personal injury recovery, helping me strengthen and protect my body for the daily use I put it through. I can’t recommend his services enough.

I trained with Tom for a couple of years and found it to be quite enjoyable. As I approached (and past) 40 years old I was getting injured a lot playing recreational sports and hoped a trainer would alleviate this. Tom was very knowledgeable and was able to work around some of physical limitations. I virtually stopped getting injured and played better as I got stronger and improved my range of motion. Would highly recommend Tom.

Been training with Tom for more than 10 years. He's been fanatastic at tailoring my workouts around some chronic neck and back issues over the years and working with me to improve and heal those areas. He's creative and patient and has been a valuable part of my improving physical condition and stamina.





From corporate executives looking to improve their golf game to young athletes going professional, I've trained them all. 

My specialty as a certified personal trainer (with  is working with people that need better movement. Whether you just finished physio for your knee replacement and need more supervised improvements, or a teen-aged athlete that needs to get faster, stronger or bigger, I can provide the training, programs and nutritional support you need.

I work with anyone in and around Midtown Toronto.

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If you want to reach your fitness goals, I'm ready to be your personal trainer.


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