About Me

My name is Tom Toth. I moved to Toronto 15 years ago to become a full-time personal trainer and I've never stopped. Fitness is both my life and my passion. While I started out in power-lifting and other strength-related sports, I quickly realized that a good trainer needs to have a more complete toolbox at his disposal.

I now operate on the three-pronged principle that I call "Release, Lengthen and Strengthen".


First, we figure out which muscles are tight and restricted. Using various tools we release these muscles. Then we lengthen them through active stretching and special techniques like Functional Range Conditioning. Finally we strengthen the muscle in its new, longer range using isometric exercises such as Muscle Activation Techniques. I've used this system successfully with hundreds of clients to great success.

 I take particular joy in restoring movement in people. Whether that is something simple as improving rotation for an extra 30 yards on your golf drive or finally being able to squat without knee pain. Improving movement is often not particularly complicated, you just need the right guiding hand!


My Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer by the International Sports Sciences Association

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach by the National Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Upper and Lower Body Muscle Testing Certified by the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists

  • Medical Exercise Specialist by the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals

  • Certified Olympic Weight-lifting Coach by the United States Weightlifting Association

  • Certified Hypopressives Provider level 1 by Hypopressives Canada - Low Pressure Fitness

  • Certified Accupressure Provider level 1 by the National Wellness Institute of Education

  • PRI Certified level 1 by the Postural Restoration Institute

  • Functional Range Conditioning Provider by Functional Anatomy Seminars

  • B.A.S.E. Inside-Out Training Certification by Inside-Out Training

  • Certified Postural Assessor by the Symmetry Institute

My Specialties

Athletic Training

To improve your athletic performance, you have to build three things: strength, explosiveness and endurance. The specific mix of these factors depends on your sport. A hockey player, for example, needs all three in equal measure, with a focus on explosiveness and short-term endurance. A golfer needs rotational strength, with long-term endurance to walk those 18 holes without fatigue. 

I aim to completely customize every athlete's program to his/her specific sport needs using a variety of assessment tools that tell me exactly where the best areas of improvement are, and how to improve athletic performance the quickest

Postural Restoration

Are you suffering from neck, shoulder or back pain? More than likely your posture is to blame. Time to literally straighten you out! As our Western lifestyles take their toll on our posture, I aim to provide you with a complete tool-set to reverse postural deterioration. It is actually not that hard!


The key is two-fold: daily preventative exercise of the right kind, and paying attention to how your day-to-day posture. How you sit, stand, sleep, etc. has the biggest impact on  your posture, and improving your ergonomics will have a lasting, positive impact on your life.

Post-Rehab / Injuries

If you have finished your physiotherapy, but still need to improve your strength or mobility, take advantage of my 15 years of experience of being a certified Medical Exercise Specialist. 

I can help you improve your range of motion, set up an exercise program to work around injuries, manage pain and get fit at the same time!

For those of you in Leaside, Toronto, check out my other website: leasidetrainer.com